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You simplify how far he went down though in the next two seasons though. He went 5-7 the next year and 4 of those losses were blow outs which are not suppose to occur at Notre Dame. His 3rd season he went 6-5 which was also a bad year considering the manner in which they were losing games. So he really had two bad seasons.

Willingham is not exactly tearing it up at Washington now either. He so far has gone 2-9 and 5-7. This year I would be surprised if they finish above .500 I think Willingham is overrated actually. He had 2 good seasons at Stanford, 2 okay ones and 3 bad ones.

The trainwreck that is Willingham continues. After finishing up his 3rd straight losing season at Washington, he starts out this season 0-5. Hey pay me 1.5 mil/ year and I can give you the same results

The only potential win he has on the schedule is WSU, and that is not a gimme.
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