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Originally Posted by Racquet Man View Post
Equijet, you have a very impressive collection (at least from what we have seen so far!).

Couple of questions if you don't mind:

Your racquets appear to be player made but not player used, is that correct?

What are you doing with that collection. It look squite extensive. Do you exhibit it? Do use any of the racquets? are you planning on selling it?

Did you buy the racquets or where they given to you by the players or their agents , or the manufacturer directly?
Some of the rackets were used by the pros and some of those are in pristine condition, those rackets are not for exhibition purpose, they are only being stored in my own stash. As I mentioned on pervious thread that I never spend any cent to buy those rackets, they were gifts from those tennis pros who actually made the history in the tournaments. Of course some of the rackets have never been played and preserved in mint condition.

I don't play with my collections because they were specifically customized for particular pros and they aren't suitable for my playing style. Also, I have my own favorable rackets what have been using for over decade.

I don't have intention to sell my collections away yet but I may consider to share some duplications to someone who are interested. But it should be very difficult to estimate the market value for those rackets as you can imagine that they didn't come with price tags and it is not a good idea for selling those historical rackets as commercial objective. Would you advise any suggestion for sharing those rackets to somebody?

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