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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
I checked out the chart you posted I was elite in benching 365 and pressing with 245 at 185. I have only done deadlifts to 365 when my weight was 185 with no belt and no knee wraps. I was too scared to go past that weight since I don't want to wreck my lower back since I was playing Junior hockey at the time. Plus I was building strength so I kept the reps at 5-8 range and the weight at 85 percent of my max.

I am not built for squats so I never done them. I instead do leg press instead I gone as heavy as 3 reps at 900 and one rep for 1000lbs. Most of the time I keep the reps at 25 and the weight at 450 max on a cybex leg press machine to burn up the legs. Sounds heavy and it is but I seen bodybuilders do like 2500 on the sled on utube Ronnie Coleman. Plus at that weight you feel it more in your joints than on your muscle.

It's hard to gauge most lifts like bench, squats, leg press since most guys do short reps. Most of the time you have to see the lift to believe it unless you know that person and know they use good form. I use to clean 245 then press it and put it behind my neck then do my step ups for hockey. To make elite In all I would have to squat 480, clean 310, deadlift 548 never going to happen to me.

I was told I am good at benching because I have strong lats and rear delts, traps and lower back for support. I got good at it with years of training that lift and alot of it is to train your muscles for that movement and your mental training to lift for a one rep max.
For the past week I have been thinking about the weight you have pulled / pushed as I set my own strength goals.

I am 6' 2". 210 lbs. 35 years old.

My goals on 4 "benchmark" exercises:

Standing Military Press: Body weight

Bench Press: Body weight * 1.5

Squat: Body weight * 2

Deadlift: Body weight * 2.5 (this might be slightly too high)

I am estimating 18 - 24 months to achieve these goals.

Thanks "FastFreddy" for your help.
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