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Originally Posted by Equijet View Post
Some of the rackets were used by the pros and some of those are in pristine condition, those rackets are not for exhibition purpose, they are only being stored in my own stash. As I mentioned on pervious thread that I never spend any cent to buy those rackets, they were gifts from those tennis pros who actually made the history in the tournaments. Of course some of the rackets have never been played and preserved in mint condition.

I don't play with my collections because they were specifically customized for particular pros and they aren't suitable for my playing style. Also, I have my own favorable rackets what have been using for over decade.

I don't have intention to sell my collections away yet but I may consider to share some duplications to someone who are interested. But it should be very difficult to estimate the market value for those rackets as you can imagine that they didn't come with price tags and it is not a good idea for selling those historical rackets as commercial objective. Would you advise any suggestion for sharing those rackets to somebody?
Equijet, most posters on these (and similar boards) don't have close access to the players actual sticks, unless they are the tour stringers, pro racquet tuners like Ron Yu or Tom Martinez or have special privileges or relationships with players that give you ready access to touring pro's racquets like you or Ericsson seem to have. A number of people who post on this board have access to pro stock racquets (ex: many have acquired Head PT57A's and TGK238.1's, and also racquets from the Wilson Pro shop,etc) But not many of us posters have access to the actual racquets of our favorite ATP players (past and present). So please keep posting your collection and any other info you can give on specs. The reality is that for most of us, the information is for interest purposes only because we are fans. Most of us cannot handle the set-ups that these pros play with and do it any justice.

You have an enviable collection. The racquets themselves are nothing more than sticks. That doesn't make them valuable. We can buy a similar stick and get P1 or RPNY or any other top tuner to recreate the same set-up that they do for Federer or sampras or whoever. Your racquets in someone elses hands is just that, a racquet once owned by a player. In your hands, its a gift from your friend or acquaintance who plays on the tour. This collection was built from your special relationship with the players. That's what makes it valuable to you!

I don't really understand what you mean by suggesting that you'd consider selling some duplications? Perhaps you can clarify.

For me, the answer to your question on how you should share the racquets with us is that you should post your collection and all relevant info on the racquets either on a dedicated page here or on a seperate blog (but post the blog address here of course), with all or as much technical info as you can give. That is all the sharing we can realistically ask of you. If you want to sell them, go to Southby's or sites like that if the stuff is authentic, otherwise go to the big auction site( Starts with an E.....and ends with a Bay!)

That said, can you tell us all what other players racquets you have in your collection?
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