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Default The Snauwaert fanclub _/

An ode to the classic racquets from Snauwaert, the manufacturer from Belgium.

They were the first (afaik) to engrave the weight and balancepoint of that particular stick on the racquet, making it very easy to find comparable frames. And who can forgot their (failed) adventure with the Ergonom.
Some of the pro's that used Snauwaert were Mikael Pernfors, Vitas Gerulaitis and Miloslav Mečř.

There's very little information about Snauwaert to be found on the internet, so anyone that has some info, please post it in this thread.

Also feel free to add pictures from your frames.

I'll start with my small collection from this innovative company (click the pics for the full screen version):

Picture 1:
ATP Tour 103
ATP Tour 93
ATP Tour 85
Hi-Ten 50
Hi-Ten 30
Mikael Pernfors

Picture 2:
Comp Dyno (2x)
Dyneema S60
Vitas Gerulaitis AUtograph

Picture 3:
Comp Mid
Cosmos Pro
Graphite Mid

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