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Originally Posted by S H O W S T O P P E R ! View Post
I'm an assistant coach for the local park district lessons for the 5-8 year old group. I teach the lefties; we have a lot and the main pro has no clue how to teach them. There's a really talented kid in my group, he has a nasty forehand and he has massive topspin.

But I noticed he's playing with jean shorts, a ratty old sleeveless that's got holes in it and old sneakers. He also has a Spongebob racket, which deeply concerns me. And this kid isn't coming from a poor family, his dad is a highly rated chef and his mom a banker. I think that if this kid gets some new threads and a good stick, he could be unstoppable in USTA tourneys. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but how should I tell his dad to buy the kid some new stuff?
May be a chef and a banker do not wish their kid become a tennis pro?
When his sneakers start to have holes, he will get a new one.
As for the racket, in due time.
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