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Originally Posted by Rorsach View Post
Post pics plz.
not a picture sort of guy

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Snauwaert&Depla Kodes is a beautiful racket. i have one in vg condition. there must have been different versions of that racket?

i used to play the Gottfried Autograph(fully sponsored by my parents)
Later on the ATP 93 and the Pernfors Autograph.

at a flea-market i found 2 MCE 9003 with signature by McEnroe and a 10x9 string pattern. you can get incredible spin with that racket and the strings break after 10 to 15 min
The one I have has the old Snauwaert Superman 'S' logo and not the last stylized is white ash w. a blue vulcan fibre reinforced shaft. His autograph on one side on the throat and his name in block letters on the other side.

This is an 18 mains frame. 18 mains on a 65 sq inch frame is a VERY closed pattern. Mine is tubed and power padded in the throat and has Victor Imperial blue spiral gut. It is still very playable. It's a really exceptional racquet which is very attractive...the sweetest looking racquet to me was the Adidas Hallet..mine were both light and very headlight,,nastase used these for quite some while
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