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Originally Posted by galain View Post

I used to have Victor Imperial Blue in an old Volkl TR30 - really nice strings! That brought back some memories.

(sorry - not trying to derail the thread)
I agree about the Vic Imperial..every bit as good as VS and less money. This Kodes racquet still plays fine and hasnt been strung since the 80's !

Originally Posted by treblings View Post
From the description it sounds like my Kodes. S D for Snauwaert&Depla on the Buttcap.
But i had to count the strings twice, because my model has 21 mains and 18!
That is a very closed pattern.

agree on the Haillet, haven┤t seen one in decades.
sounds like yours is older than mine. that's a very funky stringjob you got's an 18x20
Volkl DNX9 - Legend17 m's / IsoProClassic x's
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