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Originally Posted by daveyboy View Post them all. Especially the Golden Mid.
The Golden Mid is my favorite Snauwaert of all time. I also like the Graphite Mid and Dyno, and the Boron Mid and Dyno, and the Brian Gottfried Graphite Mid and Tomas Smid Graphite Mid (both actually mostly wood composites, as used by Miloslav Mecir).

Snauwaert/Depla was one of the last vestiges of old school wood craftsmanship, and tried very hard to be innovative (albeit while still holding on to traditional materials) in the 1980's. They get full marks for:

Warren Bosworth designed rackets

Marketing the first commercially-available oversized racket (predating the Howard Head-designed Prince Classic!)

The Carlo Gibello-designed Ergonom rackets (a commercial flop, but proof positive of how far they would push the traditional+modern formula of racket design)

Use of "modern" fibers (Kevlar/aramides, Boron) in their layups years before the larger brands took the plunge

I still enjoy playing with old Snauwaerts occasionally. On a slower court, it's hard to imagine a better racket for baseline play. If they were still making rackets in Belgium, I'd still be buying their gear consistently...
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