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My first racquet in 1978 was a Snauwaert Caravelle strung with Victor Imperial. What a beauty it was! Snauwaert made wonderful wood racquets and had some of the most skilled workers of the wood racquet era. True perfectionists. But they did not really handle the switch to graphite very well (although their Graphite Mid and the Dyno series were excellent frames) and had distribution problems outside of Europe. I think they went under around 1992. Their last generation of widebody frames (Dyneema S60, etc) were also pretty good. They tried to hire McEnroe as a last ditch effort, but all he did was stencil an "S" on his Max 200Gs. Their other sponsored players (Gottfried, Kodes, Smid, Gerulaitis, etc.) apparently did not do enough for the visibility of the brand. Snauwaert also had the first polyester string I can recall, called "Dyno" as well. It had the color of dark brown taffy (and played like it, too).
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