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Originally Posted by NicholasCole View Post
Yeah, we don't want Beckham, AC can take him for all I care. Sure, he raised the profile of our league by a little bit. That's all he was brought over to do. Now, we have to collect a transfer fee, but we won't because our league office heads are all idiots.

In other transfer news, who do you think will be the biggest movers come January? My bet is Zaki, all the big clubs will be after him now! Maybe this shows that Middle Eastern football isn't as bad as most people say it is! If Zaki continues his run of form, woah. Look out. My bet is that he goes to Liverpool. Word has it that both United and Chelsea have made inquiries, however. Wouldn't be surprised if City made an offer as well seeing how their new owners may want a Middle Eastern player in their team, and he'd be the right man, I think. But who knows?! What do you guys think?
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