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Fena, I have a question: Where do you think Zaki will be playing next season (if he keeps up his current form throughout the season)? I personally can see a few places that he could really work out well at! I say if he doesn't stay with Wigan, he should go to Aston Villa, especially if they get a UEFA cup spot this season. He'd probably be playing week-in-week-out but have a bit more quality surrounding him so it'd allow him to progress a lot more, and actually have a chance to do something big! I can't see him going to a big club (even though the papers had it this morning that Real has already made an inquiry to his club back in Egypt), except for one, Chelsea. I can see him making this move especially if FloMo, Anelka, or Drogs move on at the end of the season (or retire). He's a good 5-6 years younger than our current batch of first-choice strikers (besides DiSanto) and he could be good foil to DiSanto next season (big striker partnered with smaller, powerful striker) and things could work quite well for him. Here, let me know what you think of this forward line that we could use next season:

DiSanto - Zaki (strikers)
J. Cole (attacking mid/supporting striker)

Or if we bought him and another striker so we could play something like this


Cole - Terry - Carvalho - Bosingwa
Lampard (or Ballack)
J. Cole
DiSanto - Zaki - ?? (take your pick of any striker that we're usually pursuing! eg. Benzema, Huntelaarr, David Villa, etc...Maybe a winger like Hatem Ben Arfa, who would be SICK btw)

That kind of formation would be AWESOME and could work wonders. Let me know what you think and maybe even think up something like a formation that could make good use of all our players while at the same time opening up to exploit the talents of our new signings?
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