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Default San Diego this summer

My wife-who does not play tennis-and I just bought tickets to fly to San Diego for a week in July. Our plan is to stay at a resort for half the time and a hotel near the beach for the other half.

My goal is to play tennis every day. The main question I have is: Where can I play on the days when we're staying at a beach hotel-no tennis courts, no pro on the grounds? Remember my wife doesn't play, so I need a place where I can call ahead and book time with a pro.

Secondary question: Can anyone recommend a particular resort for that part of the week? This isn't as important as that information seems to be readily available on the web and my wife loves sorting through it. But if anyone has a favorite place, especially within the next couple of days, I'd be glad to hear about it.

Least important question: After I play tennis, any suggestions for what to do the rest of the day?

Also, we're not really looking to save money on this trip. So if you know of something that's good but maybe too expensive, let me know anyway.
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