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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post

As for Ramos, he's going nowhere! It would be far too expensive to get rid of him.. plus.. who the hell would want to come in and replace him? It's not the manager as such who's getting it wrong (although the diet he has his players on and the fact he was touting for a job in England for 2 years before he got one, yet even now he can hardly speak a word of English doesn't help the players either. How can he communicate what he wants them to do?). It's the Director of Football that is the main problem, it's a Continental style of doing things but at the moment, they are doing it all wrong.
Well then, look how that turned out! What do I think about Harry's appointment? Al I can say is, it's a shame his managerial talents will be wasted in the Championship next season (sorry Ross, I couldn't resist!)
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