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Originally Posted by ohplease
You don't specify your level of play, but there's decent club level tennis (say, 3.0-4.5) to be played with the san diego tennis exchange ( and the north county tennis network ( Both are drop-in doubles.

Barring that, there's morley field in balboa park. The level of play there is generally pretty good (4.0+), but there's not really a drop-in scene - you'll need to hang around and invite yourself onto a court there with someone looking to hit.

Good luck. SD is a great place to play.
Oops, forgot to mention that I'm a 3.5.

Thanks for the info, I looked at both web sites briefly-they both look promising. I'll look into them further over the weekend. Too bad there's nothing like that in New York City. But the drop-in thing won't work for me. I don't get that much time off and I can't risk wasting a day waiting for a game or playing with people at the wrong level. I'll be looking to connect with a pro/hitting partner before I go.
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