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BP, I'm so embarrassed--I've actually NEVER hit with it! <yikes> I bought it on a whim of **** for $9 a few years ago and have wanted to hit w/ it but never got around to it. I just hang it on a wall and look at it like it's awesome...

Well, if you're ever around NC or near Philly (my parents/family lives there), you can hit with mine. I just hit w/ a PS 6.0 95 recently for a few min. Noticed right away it definitely was lower powered than the Pro 1. Higher swingweight too. More vibration, and <gulp> should I say it, felt less stable. That was only about 2 or 3 min with it though doing groundstrokes only. I need to pick up a PS 6.0 95 and 85 for my collection! Someday.
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