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I've been to San Diego for spring break the last two years and I just love it. Great city. We stayed at Paradise Point resort in the Mission Bay area, which, to me, was amazing. Really beautiful area and facilities. They even have tennis courts and over a mile of beach on site, not to mention a huge lagoon, at least four pools, a spa, putting golf course, and 45 acres of property. We made it work on a college budget by putting seven people in their cheapest room! I think the website is We played at the Barnes Tennis Center, which is less than a 10 minute ride away. I was also really impressed with that facility, tons of courts, even a few clay ones. I would highly recommend the zoo, it really has every type of animal you could ever want to lay eyes on. Also, go to the San Diego aquatic center for a beach, which is also a 10 minute drive from the courts and Paradise point. A huge beach with shopping oppertunities, some of my friends even rented wet suits and gave surfing a try. The best place for a seafood lunch is I think Point Loma Seafood and Fish Market. Not too sure about the name off the top of my head, but it is not only inexpensive, but it really is best, freshest seafood in San Diego. We also went to two nicer seafood restaurants down near seaport village and the pier, those were also good. Also we went to this mexican restaurant in Old Town that was also really good, I think rated the best in San Diego in 2003. If you want anymore details, specifics, or any other tips, I can probably get them. Also I think there are quite a few San Diegans on the board, see if they reply.
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