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I have to ask the obvious question: What do you do with your older racquets? I notice that most people have multiples of the same racquet so Im assuming at some stage they were all frames you used to play with. But, what about now? Are they still in use or are you holding onto the extra ones for sentimental reasons?

Oh, and do you still leave the strings in, even if you aren't using them?

- I only ask that as I saw a couple of Dunlop 200G's (my old, original racquet from when I was playing state level comp) and they were notorious for warping. I used to have 8 of them (all broke or warped over the years) but would never leave strings in if they weren't part of the rotation (would have 3 in rotation at any one time then go to the next group). The one time I did it warped -
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