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Well you've got to keep the special ones. I know Ive got an old Head Prestige Pro (think its the first generation Prestige) and a Prince Precision Mono plus a Classic, POG and Graph Comp 110 that will be kept for those reasons.

Ideally I'd like to have
1. Dunlop 200G (original version)
2. Rossignol F200
3. POG midplus
4. PS 6.0 85
5. Wilson Profile 95
6. Snauwert Hi-Ten 50
7. Fischer Stan Smith
8. Puma Boris Becker Super
9. Head EdgeWood or the Head Vilas (or both lol)
10. Yonex R-22

of course there are others that would be nice to have and I haven't included any of the old wooden frames. Kicking myself that I put an old Prince Boron and Woodie into storage and they appear to have gone missing. If I had those two Id have a nice line up of the early Prince frames
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