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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Liverpool won't win it, no way. They don't know what it takes to win the Premier League, look at Arsenal last year. Wenger is a better domestic manager than Benitez but even he couldn't keep Arsenal going for the entire year. They were unstoppable up until that FA Cup defeat to Man Utd then it just all unravelled, that will happen to Liverpool at some point too.

Can you imagine if Liverpool were still in the race with a month to go? They don't have the players or the manager who have been there before to get results when it gets hard. If they come close this year then they can learn what it takes for next season.. but not this one.

Man Utd or Chelsea will win it, no doubts.
The thing is though mate, Arsenal couldn't keep it up because they didn't have enough depth in their squad. I personally think Liverpool have just about enough depth to keep it up but I still don't think they will win the prem just on the fact that United & Chelsea are more capable of winning the title & more likely keep up form (yes I know Chelsea lost to them but I mean Chelsea & United just have more of a pedigree).
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