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Default better late then never

just to give my (modest) opinion. I used all sorts of dampeners, I tried the head smartsorbs, the head logo, the techfiber clips, the rubberband (the staples ones) the etc... and then i got back to not using any...and...the vibration, or "ping noise" (no doubt in my mind) or whatever caused me to be wearing a elbow stress relieve elastic band (thatīs a fact)...yup...dont know if your all right or wrong..but for me is back to dampeners just in case (the facts dont lie dont care what anybody says) and a "decathlon" (dont know if you have it in the states but is a big franchise in EU) smile dampener (Ar***** Anti-Vib Fun x2) is in my strings (2.95 Euros for 2)! google it!

Use it or not (for cosmetic reasons)..thatīs not the question!

PS: i use a head flx radical mp.
Ps2: Iīv been playing from 22 years .. only 6 moths ago I stopped using dampeners (20 y ago we used pieces of rubber that we used to cut our selfs). Just another fact!
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