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Originally Posted by Craig Sheppard
kabob and muklucke, you're right... well that's 3 of us... and Hrbaty uses a paintjob, so does that count? Who could be the other person using it? Actually they're not even my main sticks anymore... Switched to the Pro 1 and loving it. But in 2 years of using the Extreme, I've never seen another one let alone met anyone using one... most have never even heard of it.
Huh, and here I thought Hrbaty was using the Pro Number 1, not the Xtreme The other person using it is, of course, Meghan Shaunessy (I know I butchered the spelling there).

And I hear ya about the anonymity of the frame. Most people I've played against or talked with at events have never heard of it and half the tennis pros at my facility have barely even heard of Fischer as a brand The downside to it is that I've got a pair and would like to purchase a third but can't justify the full retail price of $190 (cheapest I've seen is $160) since you almost never see these on ****.
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