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Originally Posted by paulfreda
How does that Mfil200 feel in comparison to the other venerable classic racquets you have there ??
I would say the Mfil 200 is a mix between the PS 85 and the Head Classic Mid. I really love the way the Classic Mid feels from the baseline, but I don't enjoy touch shots and net play with it. I really enjoy the PS 85 and I think it's perfect all around. Returning serves with the PS 85 can be a pain sometimes and a larger sweetspot would make baseline rallies a little easier. Anyway, this is where the Mfil 200 comes in. The flexibility feels like it's in between these two racquets (not too flexible and not too stiff). Although I enjoy the flexible feel of the Classic Mid, flexible frames just don't feel right at the net. To keep this short, it hits as well as my Classic Mid from the baseline and gives me that solid feel that the PS 85 has at the net.
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