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Default *** New Stringway Cross Stringing Tool***

I have just been informed that Stringway are introducing a new tool that will make stringing crosses a lot lot easier. I havn't actually used the tool yet, but have seen a video and I reckon it will totally change the way rackets are strung. From the video, it looks very easy to do the crosses which are very time consuming compared with the mains. It eliminates the chances of misweaves and you can pull the string through very quickly because there is no friction between the mains and crosses. There are 2 tools available which work exactly the same. The HD tool is for rackets with a high density stringing pattern and the LD is used for Low Density stringing patterns. Its also possible to do the first cross, because there is a long and a shorter side. If the 1st cross goes over and under 14 mains you use the long side of the tool, if the cross goes over and under 12 mains, you can use the short side.

Here is the video:

What do you guys think of it?

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