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Originally Posted by burosky View Post
If you are referring to the rule pertaining to "hindrance", keep in mind that if the hindrance is coming from your opponent you have to make sure there is deliberate intent.

A lot of players have nuances that can be construed as hindrance. Some are done deliberately but some are just that - a nuance.
Great explanation. Foot squeaks in general will always be a tough one to call as deliberate. Mostly because foot movement prior to, during, and after a shot is necessary.

Unless your opponent is acting like he's trying to stomp a divit, or moonwalking across the service box, it's always going to be a very difficult call to make.

Now I have an older friend that I play with that likes to squeak and tap his racquet on the ground right as I'm about to serve. It's actually good practice for me to block it out and focus on my serve, but recently he's backed off doing it as he was called out in one of his club ladder matches for hindrance.
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