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Originally Posted by region2champion View Post
Where do you live, like Arkansas cause obviously you've never seen a good Florida junior. Everything you're saying about strong juniors from real tennis states is wrong.
Wow! That's pretty strong. "real tennis states"? and to 'dis Arkansas like that. You'd best hope you don't meet up w/ any Arkansas folks in person - they're liable to give you a physical beat-down.

Y'all need to just can the NTRP talk. It really makes absolutely no difference in the juniors. NTRP is simply tennis' way of handicapping the sport, similar to golf. In tennis, the aim is to put similar skill-level adult players together.

The big thing to remember is that NTRP is a self-rating system and the descriptions of the levels cause juniors to generally overrate themselves anyway when they try to apply it. With adults, it often goes the opposite way - many want to underrate themselves so they play weaker opponents to win more often.

You could have wonderful stroke technique, great footwork, have all the spins, etc... The descriptive analysis would say that you're a 4.5 or above. BUT, you could be a total moron when it comes down to how to play the bloody game. You can have all the 4.5 levels strokes and still get clobbered by players claiming to be 3.5.
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