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Originally Posted by JavierLW View Post
Actually the interesting part of the hindrance rule is that it defines "intent" as anything that you do that you have control over, not necessarily just anything you do to purposely distract your opponent.

An example of this would be a opponent of mine who has a bad habit of shouting out things like "OH NO!!!" when he feels he's hit either a easy put away or sometimes when he hits it out, only to watch it fall in.

Even though he didnt mean to distract me that is clear hindrance because he supposably should have enough self control to keep that from happening.

Getting stung by a bee or reacting to something outside of your control is something that isnt hindrance. They really should of used the word "voluntary" rather than "intent" because that's clearly what they were going for.

In the OP's situation it's hard. If the person was doing something to make his shoes squeek on purpose then it could be hindrance, but shoes squeeking probably isnt all that uncommon so it's hard call to make.

If they were slapping their thigh or stomping their feet though even if it's just a habit, I think it's hindrance if it distracts the other player. (because it's unnecessary and within their control)
You are right. Intent alone is not enough. That is why I stated "deliberate" intent. Who determines it? In an unofficiated match if it was your opponent doing it, it would be you. However, just as Javier said, it would be quite difficult to prove deliberate intent. If there is a disagreement, that is when you call for a lines person. If it was an officiated match, either you or the official can determine it. If the official doesn't call it, you can't just call hindrance on your opponent though. You still need to go through the official then the official will make a decision. Usually though, if the official doesn't call it, most likely it isn't a hindrance.
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