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Originally Posted by tennisdad65 View Post
I was watching a singles match and one of the guys had very squeaky shoes. Also, it definitely looked like he was purposely taking small dragging steps while getting back to the center after a shot. This resulted in lots of annoying noises while his opponent was getting ready to hit.

It seemed very obvious to me that he was trying to distract his opponent. However, it did not seem to phase his opponent at all.

What is the rule on this? is this allowed?
I would say that in this case it's allowed as it's pretty difficult to call hindrance from the basics of what you've described. The squeaking is a result of excessive force and friction as you push off and then come to an abrupt stop. Shuffling back to the center of the court can cause this.

Something that would be an obvious hindrance is the squeaking of your shoes as you wait to return serve. I remember Capriati doing that very thing during a US Open match and no one saying anything about it.
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