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Default beginner doubles, switch grips for volleys?

Hello, I'm talking about high school kids who have maybe 1 year experience and play doubles, therefore volleying is important.

They all use SW or W forehands now for groundies with two handed BH. What is the proper grip to teach them to use for volleys, considering they are not likely to go further competitively than through high school and not much instruction is available to them? Do they keep with the SW or W grip for FH volley and switch grips for BH? Or is that too extreme and they should learn eastern or should they definitely try to learn the continental grip for FH volley and one handed BH volley.

Most don't know or use continental grip at all, even for their serve. Should they be broken of this habit and start using continental for serve then eventually for volleys. Again keep in mind, the only lesson they get are at high school and are minimal. I'm just a concerned observer but I know a fair amount about tennis. This area, however, is perplexing.
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