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Originally Posted by burosky View Post
You are right. Intent alone is not enough. That is why I stated "deliberate" intent. Who determines it? In an unofficiated match if it was your opponent doing it, it would be you. However, just as Javier said, it would be quite difficult to prove deliberate intent. If there is a disagreement, that is when you call for a lines person. If it was an officiated match, either you or the official can determine it. If the official doesn't call it, you can't just call hindrance on your opponent though. You still need to go through the official then the official will make a decision. Usually though, if the official doesn't call it, most likely it isn't a hindrance.
Right, I agree perhaps in this situation.

But as long as people think that somehow you cant call hindrance in an unofficiated match because you can. (you are supposed to warn them first however)

Some situations are obvious. Like my opponent who is yelling out things when the ball is going out. Again all that matter is that he "choose" to do something that he clearly should have control over.

Squeeky shoes may not be obvious because people play all the time with squeeky shoes. Even if someone is doing it in such a way that it's on purpose (making them squeek, not just to distract you), it would be hard to prove it.
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