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Originally Posted by Recon View Post
Is it only me??? it says highspeed, but the vid goes in super slow mo for me. Normal? lol?
You just don't know what high speed video is.

I am sure it is not only you.

This may help.

What is High-Speed Video?

High-speed video is a diagnostic tool that helps engineers and researchers analyze high-speed processes. It is a sequential series of images that are recorded at very high frame rates and played back in slow-motion to allow the viewer to see, measure and understand events that happen too fast for the unaided eye to see.

Standard camcorders can only record at 30 frames per second and, as a result, usually miss most of the action in fast-moving events. However, if we use high-speed digital cameras to record these events at hundreds or even thousands of frames per second, itís a different story. When we play the images back in slow motion, or even stop and examine a single frame, we can see details that go unnoticed at normal speed.
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