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Originally Posted by Ballinbob View Post
Give me a break. He tells you that if the player is mentally unstable he will loose to a true 3.5 player, which is pretty much exactly what I said earlier yet you still argue with me. Also, raiden is 100% right with all he said. Go read his post, Im not going to waste my time with someone as ignorant as you. A 4.5 is a 4.5, there should be no difference between a 4.5 14 year old and 20 year old. NONE. Doesn't matter if their older, a 4.5 is a defined level and is the same across the board.

Oosting, if your playing with better players than in that particular vid then your playing with pros. Anybody above a 6.0 has an ATP ranking. Oh and if you didn't realize, those guys are hitting 120mph serves (Marsuiz is for sure) and are hitting alot harder than the vid indicates. Vid always slows things down a bit. Kinda like a Roddick serve. A 150mph serve is different on tv than in person
I NEVER argued with any of that. All I said was I know some 4.5-5.0 14's. Which I do, and maybe you would see if you actually saw some good juniors down here in Florida.
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