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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
What I noticed with Jo11y was that he hits in an open stance and jumps a bit on his forehand with no noticeable weight transfer yet his forehand is just as powerful as someone who shifts his weight. Jo11y's forehand is Gonzalez like in that sense.
What are you talking about? I noticed a lot of weight shifting. On Jolly's forehand, his body did a counter-clockwise circular rotation and the right foot moved from behind to front at the finish. That's massive circular + linear shifting right there!!!

I hit with Jolly before. From my perspective on the other side of the net, I didn't notice that he has a huge take back at all. What I noticed was the massive swing and finish - I was able to actually see the racket head on the right side of his body when he finished the forehand.

One thing I didn't see anyone mentioned was Jolly's backhand. Under slow motion, it has this "pushing" action going on at the point of contact, doesn't it? Is this "textbook" good, or a flaw?

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