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Originally Posted by thearthur0 View Post
I've noticed that in Burbank there are not many high leveled juniors playing for their high school team. There are some that are extremely high leveled but don't play or don't go to school. And other schools in my league have players that are very high leveled. Furthermore our coach blames our incompetence for not being able to defeat schools like Arcadia or Glendale. Does anyone else have these problems?
there are many tough schools around SoCal area.. there are so many good players scattered around.. the schools that consistently wins are those schools that have a strong doubles line-up... there are outstanding players in a lot of schools but they can only win 3 points at most,so if your school fills a good double line up you can take them down... schools around the SoCal area that wins their divisions are always full with depth and have strong doubles teams.. Claremont has 2 outstanding players still cannot win their division because their doubles can't win enough matches...
a small school like San Marino won 2 years ago and should have won last year wins because of their solid doubles... I think they are better than Arcadia and Glendale..
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