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Finally videos!

Thanks for sharing.

First.. safely can say no way is that a 110mph forehand.

Next.. just curious. but all the other videos posted at what is suppose to be regular speed seems a bit sketchy. The peeps on all the other courts are moving around like cheetahs.. and what really sticks out is the peeps on the far right.. looks like a path or some field (before the road and cars). Are they walking or playing soccer. Seems maybe its a bit sped up. Some choppy moments where you move your head to look at your racquet after the point is over that looks quite rapid.

Is it the camera or is it something with the speed.

Again even sped up .. no way 110mph forehand. Then again Im sure you weren't trying... .right?

Still thanks for the video. You seem a bit unbalanced? Is it something you are working at? Technique is pretty interesting on both wings.

Like the all black look.
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