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Originally Posted by Joeyg View Post
It isn't, Goob. They are the best JC team in California. The team I help coach, Chabot in Hayward, played them for the state JC title two years in a row. All foreign players most of the time. We used to say that they were the best team money could buy! Lots of wealthy boosters.
ok that is what I thought.

Interestingly I played with one of COD's former female players that went to the semifinals(I think) in the CC state championships. She teaches part time at a center in Palm Desert. She was telling me how strong of a program they were. I didn't realize though at the time they were JC, I thought they were NAIA or small school.

I wonder how they get these foreign players to go there? Can you give scholarships for JC? I thought the tuition was very low.
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