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Originally Posted by goober View Post
ok that is what I thought.

Interestingly I played with one of COD's former female players that went to the semifinals(I think) in the CC state championships. She teaches part time at a center in Palm Desert. She was telling me how strong of a program they were. I didn't realize though at the time they were JC, I thought they were NAIA or small school.

I wonder how they get these foreign players to go there? Can you give scholarships for JC? I thought the tuition was very low.
No scholarships are given for JC teams. The tuition is actually extremely high for foreign students, they have to pay 3x or 4x more for classes. I'm not sure how they got to COD either, they are good enough to play for any D2 or many D1 schools. Maybe the coach has some connections, I don't know... It's just my 1st semester and the season doesn't start until Feb.

EDIT: In my previous post, I meant to say that it's like a really solid D3 team. Sorry for the confusion.

BTW, besides me, there's only 1 other local team member. Everyone else is foreign.

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