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Some interesting differences between '77 and '81.

I think I enjoyed '77 better. In '81 there are two sets in which someone is playing poorly enough to get bageled.

In '77 Connors had 62 winners, 14 more than in '81.

Borg had 30 winners both years, though on top of that in '81 he also had 16 aces, twice his number from '77. But his service percentage was down by 8 points.

His aces helped him hold in '81 but he might have had faced fewer break points with a higher percentage. You gain something, you lose something: overall he was broken 6 times in both matches (though he served two more games in '77).

I was looking for the wide serve to Connors' BH that Borg hit so well in '78 and also in '77, but I thought in '81 he was hitting it less often and less effectively.

Connors' service percentage was 14 points higher in '81 than 'in 77 -- because he was spinning his first serve in so much. As with Borg his overall success is about the same. He got broken 7 times out of 20 service games, compared to 9 out of 23 in '77.

Still, '77 has more winners (from Connors, whose strength was winners) and more consistency from Borg (the Swede's strength). In '81, even in the sets he won, Borg is occasionally making relatively simple errors. On a break point he earned early in the fifth set, he dumped a short ball into the tape with his FH, a stroke that misfired a few other times.

Overall I'd rank their '77 final as their greatest match at W. It's tough for me to rank it above their '76 USO final, but that's a question for another day.

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