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Originally Posted by Julieta View Post
This same thing happens with girls and modeling. I read a few magazine message boards and it never fails that someone posts something like this:

"It's always been my dream to be a model. I've been told by strangers on the street that I should model....I'm 5'4, do you think I have a shot?"

These people have almost no chance at modeling careers, but who wants to be the one to tell them it is impossible?!
LOL. And it's understandable. It's far from a nice thing to tell somebody they can't have a dream they really want. But if you happen to know it's impossible and the person is sincerely asking you the question, well, I think you should probably tell them. Yes, I think it's impossible. At the same time, you might offer alternatives (as some have here), or (and I am not opposed in any way to this as I said!) say, "but go ahead and try anyways!". Besides, if it's really the person's dream, I don't think they should not pursue it because people on the internet told them it's impossible. We are right, but that doesn't mean you should give up a dream just because we said so, UNLESS you see the truth of what we're saying. If not, give it a try and find out for yourself. I don't see the harm in that.

But we're also trying to give good advice. So if the person is saying, "well, I'll just show up at a runway show in Europe or a Sports Illustrated photo shoot (or whatever it is)....and because I'm so beautiful, they'll just let me in...". You might want to tell them, "hey look, I happen to know that you need an agent first, so how about we make that the first goal and to do that, we'll get some interviews and some photos taken....". Even for the 5'4 person, this would the right thing to do if they want to try to seriously pursue it. Even if you have unrealistic goals, you should probably try to take a realistic path to getting there. Going to the USO and jumping out of the stands with a racquet to issue a personal challenge to Nadal probably won't work, though I also encourage him to try this for my entertainment value alone....

So, I'm glad he's asking for nuts and bolts advice, about the process. If he's smart, he'll listen to Moz and others, find out where he really stands now and proceed from there.

PS. these are probably the worst modelling examples ever...I know nothign about modelling. Perhaps I'll go to the modelling warehouse and ask for advice, I once stood beside a nationally high ranked model you know, and while I lost the beauty battle, I held my own for a while.

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