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Originally Posted by bet View Post
Look, I think it's good that you've scaled back your bravado a great deal. But don't use revisionist history to paint me or the others who've chimed in as people who "squashed" your goals.

You are the one who said:

And by pro i mean top player + davis cup in a thirdworld country not known for tennis (philippines). Not Fed/nadal pro since that is next to impossible, however I'd like you to correct me if I am wrong.

Here you are speculating on what is possible and asking us to correct you. As I have said REPEATEDLY, I DON'T CARE if you purse anything, including flying with your arms. If it makes you happy, go for it. As I mentioned, I don't necessarily think pursuing unrealistic goals is bad. It may be psychologically rewarding (although inevitable failure can be tough to deal with) and you may learn from it.

If you ask my opinion, I'll tell you. Again, I simply keep saying that if you are serious about pursuing your goal, regardless of what it is, you should play tournaments, find out where you undisputably are(results are all that matters in tournament tennis, not anybody's opinion, including coaches) and set small goals from there.

As to your wrong direction, I was speaking in terms of the type of knowledge you are seeking and the way you are trying to get it. If you are that interested, email me in about 3 weeks and I will gladly discuss it with you! I have a few things to deal with in the real world at this moment!

I'm not accusing anyone of squashing my goals, because they haven't been squashed, maybe a new perspective, but definitely not squashed. All I am saying is that there's going to be many, many more persons seeking the same advice and all I ask you to do is handle them with care. Specially those that are younger, or with less experience. This might be the only place they've got to talk.

The internet has its pros (getting to seek advice from learned people that you would never have been able to even meet 5 years ago((specially for one that lives in a smaller country where knowledge with respect to particular fields is a lot less))), and cons (Talking to someone without full knowldege of their situation/past/present/background/blah blah blah blah). What you need to do is gather as much information as possible before jumping into a conclusion of impossibility or whatever else. The reason several folk (including myself in this thread) get into messy situations like this is because sometimes wording comes out wrong on the internet since you don't know my tone when i'm typing or how exactly i'm saying what i'm saying. I had no intentions to display 'bravado' as you said, I wanted to be as concise as possible but obvoiusly it came out wrongly and I apologize.

I came here because there's noone, I mean noone with the type of knowledge on this site in the Philippines. Obvoiusly I have to be wary of replies but that's my job. I know from you're tone, moz's tone, bungalo bill's tone, that you guys know exactly what you're talking about and I'm willing to listen 100%.

I will email you in three weeks, and thanks again for being gracious enough to deal with me despite the rough start. Hope all is well with you.

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