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I really like the 81 SF better than the 77 final -- actually because of the bagels. When did it ever happen that two players of their stature produced two bagels -- let alone that level of play especially in the fifth with such supreme quality play? I don't think neither of them played mediocre in the bagel sets either. I think (maybe completely subjective on my part?) Jimbo was little off late in the second and third set in 77 while in the 81 SF the level of play didn't dip below the very good level.

And throw into the mix that Borg came back from 0-2 it has some major drama to it. And I love how Jimbo comes out directly in the first set knocking five-time winner Borg out of the ring like a Lee Marvin hitman. And then Borg puts on his own Lee Marvin hitman hat and the sparks fly for three hours plus. It saddened me (and I'm a Borg guy!) that Connors lost in the end after such a stunning display of grass-court mastery (albeit mostly from the baseline). Jimbo's loss here actually hurt me so much that when Connors won Wimby in 82 both my dad and I jumped up cheering from our chairs in unison with Jimbo on the TV after match-point...

Tennis is cruel but sometimes get it right...

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