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I'm into all my tennis shorts being long as well. At least down to my knees or so. Yes, inseam means how long the short actually is. The lower the number the less you want to get away from it. 9" inseam is a good thing in the world of long tennis shorts. The Nike Sport Shorts are also a 9" inseam, and if you want them you better get them now because when Nike puts out it's Fall lineup the Sport Short won't be there. The Sport Short is a much lighter material than the Global Sphere's. The Global Sphere's are also made out of a stretch material. I have both pairs and I love them both. They are both great! Oh yeah, I am 5'9" and about 160-165lbs. and I wear an extra large (XL). Hope that helps you out. If you're 5'8" I'd say go with the XL's. Later
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