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Yeah, guilty as charged if you are saying that I use old equipment. I am comfortable using the equipment and skills that I have, to play the game. When I was younger, and played for serious, I won most of my matches without needing any gimmicks.

The player's physical skills and mental determination win the game, not the equipment. Developing the physical skill, and mental game you need to win the game will make you a dangerous competitor, regardless of the equipment you use.

You don't need a giant sweet spot on your racquet if you learn to play the game, and practice.

Personally I don't have much respect for for tennis players who use a OS racquet with a GIANT sweet spot to to be able to use the sweet spot on the racquet, or send a fast ball down the court that are too lazy to practice and develop the skills to play the game. Those people might as well sit on their rears at home, and play video games.
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