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Originally Posted by kctennis1005 View Post
i was aware.....just seemed like u were talking bout yourself....i dont like it when parents say "we are ranked top 100" or "we won the match" so it kinda made me mad when u said u had those views.
Typically, I tend to type too much. This time I didn't type a complete sentence. My bad!

To you & the others, I would estimate that approximately 50% of those coaches looks came in since August. So 50% came in before the Kalamazoo (between the Jr & Sr years). As everyone here tells the Jr's you are marketing yourself. Your product is not just your ranking. There is so much more to it! Letters, e-mails, phone calls, visits, friend of a friend, connections, alumni, finances.

I noticed that many coaches look really hard for early signors & they have been focusing on Blue Chips through 3 stars. The current list of commitments goes really deep this year. I speculate the economy sucks so more are signing. There's no way to tell for sure. From now until regular signing (April?), the recruiters must weed through who hasn't signed early, then they venture down into the 4, 3 , 2 stars, etc. But know, that kids can force their hand by assertively chasing the school they want. The trick is knowing what school you want???

All this is logical stuff, but know that there is a college for everyone & every ability! Research, do virtual tours, pick up the phone.
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