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Originally Posted by maratsafin5 View Post
Hey guys

In general, would you say this is accurate and if not, please correct me:

D3 averages 4.0

D2 averages 4.5

D1 averages 5.5-6.0

I'm 5.5, but I don't know my chances of playing D1
If you are 5.5, why do you doubt your ability to play D1? Also, as many have pointed out, for some strange reason, D3 is packed full of stellar (smart) tennis players. Many 5.5s get their butt kicked in D3 because they have a target on their head.

I know a stellar player in D3, goes to Emory, which is a FINE school. He's about a 6.0. He is scarry smart. That D3school + athletics was a smart move, for him. Remember what the real goal is. Is it a scholarship? to play on the team? or to just get to go to college. Don't let other people's definitions & goals become yours.

Do NOT select a college because of it's name. This is the biggest mistake kids make. I knew a kid who really wanted to go to a particular school until he found out they didn't offer the academic program he wanted. You should have seen his face at that moment. Thank heavens he found out before he enrolled. I've seen that happen too. Do more research. Use the research software at your high school to select schools that meet your criteria.
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