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You might not find much sympathy or help from USA. Many have the approach that we need to save the American scholarships for Americans only. Some coaches seek only foreigners, as they assume only foreigners are good players. (Weird if you ask me.) I will throw out some assumptions for you. You will need to compete the same way our kids compete for these positions, however you will not have a USTA ranking. You'll be using your own. First & foremost, research the types of schools you want using the academic search engines availble through your school. Next, search if the school has a tennis program. Our kids use several recruiting websites, but he main one is I highly recommend that you pay the extra bucks & buy the better membership because it will show you which coaches are looking at you each & every day. On the left, click on MENS TEAMS. They are first divided by Division 1, Division 2, etc. Then they are divided by conferences. Start researching. You will need help determining where you land in that star system. Narrow your search to 20 schools & send out letters. It would be nice if you include a dvd of play. Give the coach time to view it, then call all of them immediately. First signing was about two weeks ago. Normal signing is April 5? I think. (That is for kids going to be freshmen in the fall of 2009.)
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