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Originally Posted by lambielspins View Post
Didnt Connors always dictate play in their matches. Make more winners but also more errors.
Yes, he did! The only exception to this is their 1979 SF fight when Jimbo was very uneven -- though occasionally exceptional. One can also argue that Borg maybe played his best game ever against Connors in that semifinal. Borg was even more impressive against Connors in 1979 than the previous year and that added pressure might have stifled Jimbo's flow.

Also very important to remember regarding their later rivalry match-ups was the fact that Borg was even faster than in their earlier confrontations. This meant that Connors, who was a groundie-winner King, had to produce a lot more winning shots since Björn would often chase down an ordinarily successful Connors winner-stroke and give it back with interest. This pressured Jimbo to hit another stunning winner. Only Borg could catch Connors' bullet-groundies so often.

One can see a similarity here between Fed and Rafa -- El Reloj Suizo (that's what the Spanish call Fed: "The Swiss Watch" -- because of his remarkable precision and consistency) hits missiles that usually against any other player on the planet would be instant winners -- but Rafa is faster than anyone so he chases them down forcing Fed to come up with another zinger -- and another zinger -- until he makes an error. No-one can hit 10 normal super-winners in a row.

So Borg forced Connors to miss -- with his cheetah speed. Or he would smoke a winner himself...
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