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D3 averages 3.0-6.0

D2 averages 3.0-6.0

D1 averages 4.5-6.5

My ranges take into account the extremes on the low and high-ends. Stanford players are likely 5.5 to 6.5/ Most of their players are 6.0's. Have you played against any 5.5's? Do you have a sectional/national U.S. ranking and or are you rated on

If you're a bonafide 5.5 with results to back it up you likely are D1 material.
I agree with these numbers also.

I just looked up someone who played (but not often) for a D1 school and they struggled in 4.5 USTA and got bumped down to 4.0. From this same school, the #1 player got to the semis of the Rolex (yes I am dating myself) and was probably 6.0 maybe even 6.5 player. The person they lost to that year in a close match ended up winning the final (the Rolex) easily and turned pro soon after.
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