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Still is. Just ask the D1 schools who play against the University of Auburn-Montgomery.

Way back in the day (80's) I believe Tobias Sventensson played at Flagler before transferring to OK State and Sven Groeneveld played at SW Baptist before transferring to Kansas. More recently Wesley Moody Auburn-Montgomery then Boise State and Chris Haggard Auburn-Montgomery then Tennessee. They were all amazing players and I believe they all made NAIA All-American and many made NCAA All-American. Most of these guys have had modest to very good pro careers, Moodie has won an ATP tour singles title and multiple doubles titles as well as qualifying for the ATP year-end masters doubles. Chris Haggard was very successful on the ATP doubles circuit. Groeneveld has had great success coaching the pros like Mary Pierce and Ana Ivonovic.

I'm sure someone will point out they are all foreign.

Excellent examples of NAIA talent!

The foreign student thing has been going on for a long time. I remember looking up to a lot of those players growing up in the 70s and 80s and actually most of them were very good role models for me. I guess the difference between now and then is that back then, a school might have had a few at the top, but still had a few locals, while now some schools are 100% foreign. But they are bringing attention to the programs if winning so I guess it is not all bad. Not sure I would want to be the coach of a team of 23 year olds though...if they didnt like you it wouldn't be pretty.
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