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Originally Posted by dantespark33 View Post
this is the list of Midplus rackets that can use the midplus prestige grommets, you can use either the liquidmetal, microgel, i.prestige, or flexpoint prestige MP grommets, i find that the i.prestige grommets are the hardest to install, the other ones are pretty simple though

Head Microgel Radical MP
Head Liquidmetal Radical MP
Head flexpoint Radical MP (uses the head Flexpoint Prestige MP grommets)
Head Intelligence i.Radical MP
Head titanium ti.Radical MP
Head Radical tour/trisys 260/bumblebee MP
Head twintube radical tour MP
Head Pro tour 260/630
Head Ti.Pro tour
Head Tour Extralong
I believe it is actually called the Tour Xtra Long - for those looking for it. Nice racquet.
Same paint scheme as the Pro Tour 280, but green replaces the blue.

Originally Posted by dantespark33 View Post
List of mid rackets that can use prestige mid grommets
Head Graphite professional
Spalding atp tour stock 200
Head Elite Pro
Head Elektra Pro
Head Tour 600
Head Club Pro
Head Magnum Pro
Head Comp Pro
Head Team Pro
Head tour 600

Other: (use Head Prestige Team series Grommets)
Head Trisys 270
Head Ti.classic
Head Pro lite tour

there are probably other rackets that i don't know of so please inform if i missed something
The Trisys 270 also came in a 600 sq. cm. version
600 sq. cm. 18x20 Head racquets will take the Prestige Mid CAPs.

Also, I believe that the the Ti. Classic is the regular mold/string pattern of Head 630 sq. cm. frames (like the Pro Tour 280, Ti. Pro Tour, Radicals, etc.) - and thus will take the MidPlus CAPs.

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